What we do

Machine Learning

We use data analysis and machine learning techniques to make systems smart.

Data Science

We solve big data issues in a scientific way: always hypothesis driven.


We analyse your data and list problems that our artificial intelligence can address.


We create bots that automate routines, optimize processes and reduce costs.

Data Driven Company

If your company doesn’t collect important data about your business and industry, we are prepared to help you stop wasting time.

Social big data research

Discover what your clients are thinking of you brand or understand the impact of that big product launch.

Projects and solutions

Serenata de Amor Operation

Serenata de Amor Operation creates bots capable of automatically auditing public expenses. It’s an artificial intelligence empowering social control of politicians in Brazil, capable of processing thousands of Brazilian congresspeople expenses made with government money.

Real estate market automation

Artificial inteligence in sales

Modernizing justice

Control expenses and company budget

Is your business collecting data the right way?

Is your company making data-based decisions?

Which questions can be addressed with data you already have?

Your data can be stronger and we can help you with that.

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Sao Paulo

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